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KLIKK BISTROBAR Feel the klikk of the night a Start with KLIKK BISTROBAR Feel the klikk of the night a Start with KLIKK BISTROBAR a Klikk never sleeps!


A truly American downtown mood with perfect gastronomy and quality entertainment.
Anyone who wanders into the Gozsdu Court - located in the heart of the Pest side of the capital - will definitely stop by KLIKK, and this happens not by chance.
At Klikk, we strive day and night to meet the expectations and needs of the ever-changing ``army`` of our guests:
We operate as a high-quality bistro restaurant during the day, and as an energetic, authentic Budapest music bar at night.
From Monday to Sunday, we welcome those who want to party with live DJ sets and a wide selection of premium drinks every night. While previously we became famous for our nightlife, today we have become full-fledged competitors of the best restaurants in the city center even during the ``day shift``.
Have breakfast with us, choose from our ``a la carte`` menu or try our inimitable pizzas, as if they were made in New York's Little Italy! Be it anytime and for whatever reason, KLIKK welcomes you because...

Klikk never sleeps!